Angeles Fried Chicken


Angeles Fried Chicken is the oldest running restaurant in Angeles City! Where chicken tastes heavenly! 

Click Here for Complete Menu and Prices

Click here for Complete Menu and Prices

Open Daily from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM

For Deliveries, Reservations and Inquiries, call:
(045) 6257644, (045) 3224448, (Globe) 0927-616-0561, (Sun) 0923-806-3061, or (Smart) 0919-960-3788

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Angeles Fried Chicken (AFC) began as a vision of our late grandfather, Pedro Flores. He was a great man and a good father who wanted to share an experience of superb food and flavor with his family. Consequently, his vision extended and spread through friends and the neighborhood. He opened Angeles Fried Chicken on where it would still stand today; a corner that brings families and friends together.

Through more than four decades, Angeles Fried Chicken has added and refined its dishes and menu to adapt to the cultures and cuisine of its patrons – immigrants, soldiers, tourists and residents. It has become a fusion of Chinese, American and Filipino cuisine. Through good food, our patrons bring their family and friends to appreciate that home can be a place where your loved ones enjoy themselves.

Today, Angeles Fried Chicken is more than our grandfather’s vision; it is a testament of any family and a home to all. With a history of dates, weddings and significant occasions held here, a taste of AFC invokes good memories and a sense of camaraderie among patrons. We invite your family and friends to try our fried chicken which inspires the most genuine of sentiments; we guarantee our chicken truly tastes heavenly.