Sawasdee Ka!
Experience authentic Thai Massage from our highly-skilled therapists.

Thai Folk Body Massage (Nuad Cha Leuy Sak )
P299 1hr P439 1.5hrs P549 2hrs

[PROMO RATE from 2pm to 6pm: P249 1hr]
This is Traditional Thai Massage which was developed over 2,500
years ago. It combines elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure.
Slow and graceful palm strokes applied on key energy lines coupled
with unique body stretching provide a natural and holistic approach
to relaxation and well-being. A highly therapeutic massage!

Thai Foot Massage (Nuad Fa Tao)
P150 30mins P299 1hr P439 1.5hrs P549 2hrs

[PROMO RATE from 2pm to 6pm: P249 1hr]
A holistic healing method which involves massage of the feet and
lower legs through pressure and massage of the reflex points found
on the foot. Feel extremely pampered with our premium quality
natural aromatherapy massage cream guaranteed to reinvigorate
those tired feet. Relax in our signature cooling Lemongrass-Mint
Massage cream!

Neck Shoulder Back Massage (Nuad Ko Ba Lai )
P150 30mins P299 1hr P439 1.5hrs P549 2hrs

[PROMO RATE from 2pm to 6pm: P249 1hr]
Thai massage with direct pressure concentrating on specific muscle
groups. Eliminates deeply rooted tension and releases tightness
while reducing muscle pain.

Thai Aromatic Oil Massage (Nuad Nam Man)
P395 1hr P575 1.5hrs P755 2hrs

[PROMO RATE from 2pm to 6pm: P345 1hr]
Get the best of both worlds! Blending our signature oil massage
technique with the principles of Thai pressure point massage &
stretching, this full body massage is the perfect treatment to target
tight muscles, relax you and awaken your senses to get you through a
stressful day!

Thai Herbal Ball Aromatic Massage (Nuad Pra Kob )
P549 1hr P689 1.5hrs

Achieve deep healing and relieve body pain with the warmth of Thai
herbal ball applied on aching muscles during your Thai Body Massage
session. An incredible treatment that uses many Thai herbs: plai,
ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and cumin – all wrapped in an incredibly
soothing, warm cotton compress.

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